Enriching the world with Indigenous culture by indigenizing the global music industry.

The NDN Talent Collective is a non-profit arts service organization that supports the development of Indigenous performing artists. Our project-based services and free resources & tools empower sustainable, self-sufficient music careers through business administration, grant writing, strategic planning, consultation and logistical services for recording, touring, marketing and other artist needs.


Board of Directors

Our Mission

The NDN Talent Collective mission is to bridge the gap between Indigenous performing artists and the mainstream industry by fostering indigenous music, artists and professionals to be export ready; supporting viable careers for Indigenous talent by creating the necessary infrastructure for emerging artists; and growing the visibility of Indigenous talent on national and international stages.

Our Values


Respect is a fundamental underpinning and core value of the NDN Talent Collective. Respect is achieved in a number of ways, including:

  • Respecting the integrity and intention of Indigenous artists,
  • Respecting and honouring cultural protocols and Indigenous people and their lands,
  • Respecting representation through inclusivity and the “self-identification” of Indigenous peoples,
  • Treating people with dignity and generosity to ensure respectful relationships while deepening solidarity amongst Indigenous peoples, and Not perpetuating violence or disrespectful stereotypes.

Indigenous Governance Framework

NDN Talent Collective seeks to uphold an Indigenous governance framework. This means ensuring that behaviours reflect our shared values, collective decision making based on consensus and open communication wherein the interests of the greater good supersede “corporate or monetary” values. Hence, funding and resource decisions will contemplate how and if companies exploit Indigenous communities or territory.


Partnerships are critical to our collective success. We believe that effective working relationships with artists, funding partners, industry and other collaborative partners are the foundation for achieving our vision. These connections are to be based on inclusiveness and strive to create solidarity amongst Indigenous artists and peoples.


We strive for excellence by creating a sustainable and accountable organization, ensuring that our processes are professional and transparent, and developing harmonious working relationships guided by our shared values. We commit to creating a workspace that fosters Indigenous staff members and promotes artistic integrity and reliability – reciprocal accountability between our organization and the artists we work with is essential in fulfilling our commitments.