Administrative Support

Review and strengthen your current administrative systems and implement new ones to improve your productivity and efficiency for activities like advancing shows, creating filing systems, completing your taxes and budgeting.

Career Development & Strategic Planning

Brainstorm and plan a specific project (eg. plan an album release or plan for a goal of 3 synch placements) with an experienced artist manager to understand and create pitches, timelines, budgets and other critical components that are significant to reaching your project-based career goal.

Funding & Grants

NDN Talent will research and write grant applications with you for recording, touring, professional development, collaborative exchange projects, audience development and other proposed projects.

Touring – Accommodation

Locate and book accommodation within a reasonable distance of performance venue within a specified budget. Negotiate early/late check-in/check-out times as necessary.

Touring – Show Advancing

NDN Talent will contact each promoter and venue to ensure your contract and technical & hospitality rider requirements are fulfilled, with complete documentation (digital and print) provided for your tour book.

Touring – Budgeting

Review your past, current and desired profile of expenses and revenues for touring, publishing, sales, etc., to understand and achieve realistic budget management skills and tools.

Touring – Transportation

NDN Talent will research and book the most logistically and financially efficient travel itinerary between shows within a specified budget provided by you

Other Programs

Other special programs delivered by NDN Talent like the Aboriginal Musicians Travel Assistance Program.