$400 (plus HST)

Administrative Support

Review and strengthen your current administrative systems and implement new ones to improve your productivity and efficiency for activities like advancing shows, creating filing systems, completing your taxes and budgeting. This consultation service also provides you with basic templates and a list of recommend service providers, like accountants.

Examples of projects:

  • You are approaching tax season and don’t know what to do or where to start.
  • You are planning a tour and need to understand how to organize the paperwork for your tour book, marketing and logistics.


What to Expect:

  • Pre-meeting – The artist will complete and return the Artist Questionnaire prior to this brief meeting. We will discuss your project, what your expectations are and set meeting dates.
  • Week 1 – MEETING 1, 1.5 hours – NDN Talent will review your goals and propose industry standard solutions for administration. Both you and NDN Talent are assigned homework for meeting 2.
  • Week 7 – MEETING 2, 1.5 hours – NDN Talent to review homework from first meeting. NDN Talent will provide relevant templates and a list of service providers and how they will work for you. Your homework will be to implement these templates and call service providers as necessary.
  • Week 12 – MEETING 3, 1 hour – NDN Talent will review your completed templates and make edits or suggestions as necessary to complete your project.