$200 or 15% of approved funding, whichever is greater (plus HST)

Funding & Grants

Do you need funding: To record a demo? For a marketing campaign for a new album? To attend an important audience development event? Tell us about your upcoming project and we’ll help you identify some funding possibilities!

We can write applications for various funding programs for recording, touring, professional development, collaborative exchange projects, audience development and other specific projects you’re seeking to fund.

The NDN Talent Collective’s roster of experienced administrators will work with you to complete and submit your application for funding. Our administrators have a high track record for positive results through institutions like, but not limited to, provincial arts councils, the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Media Fund, FACTOR and SOCAN.

Please note, there is no guarantee the applications prepared by NDN Talent will be successful or approved for funding.

Click here to view our calendar for a large list of arts and music funding deadlines.

What to expect:

  • Week 1 – Project Consultation: We will identify a selection of eligible funding programs for your project. The artist will choose which program best fits their needs.
  • Week 2 – Under the artist’s direction, NDN Talent will write your application. Delivery of support materials and addendums from artist to NDN Talent is required (recordings, images, biographies, CVs, tour routing, history, contacts, etc.)
  • Week 4 – Draft 1 of application provided by NDN Talent to artist for review. All final support materials provided to NDN Talent by artist.
  • Week 5 – Final application submitted
  • Project Completion – If your application is approved, and once you complete your project, we will support with submitting your final report.